Rotterdam’s newest eye-catcher

Before long, a remarkable eye-catcher will complement the Rotterdam skyline. Stack will be the new luxury residential tower situated at the Müllerpier, designed by CONIX RDBM Architects and developed by Blauwhoed and AM. Will Stack prove to be a pleasant surprise? “Absolutely”, says Mira Gajic enthusiastically.

“Stack will be one of Rotterdam’s unique landmarks. The distinctive architecture ensures that the building will form an integral part of the harbor area. My advice? Go and have a look from the Meuse. You will have a breathtaking view of the residential tower.”


How does Stack fit within the general vision of CONIX RDBM Architects?
“We are a dynamic architectural firm with offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Terneuzen and Rotterdam. Typically, we are constantly in search of innovation. Stack fits perfectly within our vision. The architecture is characterized by its future-oriented, sustainable and multi-functional design and the appealing ground floor.”


How many partners were cooperating in this project?
“Stack is the result of a successful cooperation between Blauwhoed, AM, the municipality of Rotterdam and CONIX RDBM Architects. Furthermore, we involved the future residents in the project. Co-creation is one of the pillars of our firm. We strongly focus on cooperation: both between team members and with external and internal partners.”


In what way were you inspired by the harbor area?
“The composition of building blocks is typical for the Müllerpier. We wanted to incorporate that in our design. We choose a box as basic form, because it perfectly reflects both the small and large scale of the harbor. And we could use it to create varying altitude levels.”


“In addition, we opted for façade cladding, which matches the colors and shades used at the pier. Although the building is an eye-catcher, it is essential that it fits in and is in harmony with its surroundings. Through this synergy with its surroundings, Stack becomes a silhouette in motion.”


Are there any other ways in which you create this harmony?
“For sure. The buildings along the quays constitute a solid wall that fits within the character of the harbor. The inner area stimulates the sense of community. The alleys, squares and playgrounds give it a diverse, intimate and informal look and feel. Perfect to spend the day outside with your kids or to simply enjoy the view from the quay. We want to create a place for people to meet.”


And what about the entrance patio?
“We will give it a very green look and feel, which reminds you of parks and trees. Residents and visitors will be welcomed by a mural we managed to save from the former Rotterdam Dijkzigt hospital called ‘Kinderen in het bos” (Children in the forest) made by Dolf Henkes in 1961.”


The building will be approximately 70 meters high. Won’t that be disturbing for the neighbors?
“Don’t worry: Stack will be a good neighbor. With its narrow side situated along the Nieuwe Maas River, the tower will be facing south and east as much as possible. This way, we limit the effect of the shadow for the neighboring buildings. While saving the view over the Nieuwe Maas River for the residents of the building behind Stack.”


With its extensive housing supply, Stack is an enhancement to the pier. What does the tower have to offer the future residents?
Stack will comprise 67 premium corner apartments and 6 single-family homes. Since we aimed for a large target group, we designed as many as 6 basic types: single-family homes, apartments with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, penthouses with swimming pool and patio lofts with a large roof terrace. The future residents will also enjoy its remarkable location: the building is surrounded by water on two sides.”


Have you already determined the layout of the residences?
“No, we deliberately did not fully determine the layout yet. We think it’s important to stay flexible. That is why we limit the number of load-bearing walls and columns. To give the residents the opportunity to determine the layout of their own home. That flexibility is also reflected in the outer space and the layout of the façade. Every apartment has its own terrace, which is 3 meters wide and is situated semi-indoors. And by shifting the ‘boxes’, we are able to create spaces for individual roof terraces.”


The ground floor is also characteristic in the design.
“That is correct. We used the ground floor to enhance the public space surrounding the tower. By positioning the bicycle shed and the entrance in a strategic and welcoming way, we wanted to stimulate chance encounters.”


You said that sustainability is one of the pillars on which the design is based. That also seems to the advantage of the residents.
“To them and to the city. We opted for wind and solar energy. In addition, we will also provide charging points for electric cars and bicycles and e.g. a smart thermostat. The residents will be able to enjoy all the comforts of smart living. Stack will be unique: remarkable on the outside and luxurious on the inside. And fully future-proof.”